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Allegiances are presented in the opening pages of Dark Skies. Characters that were excluded from an Allegiances list, but appeared in the book, will be listed following the formal allegiances list.


Leader: Reedstar—dark brown tabby she-cat with white splashes
Deputy: Snowfire—ginger-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Medicine Cat(s): Beetlesplash—brown-and-white tabby she-cat
Warriors: Willowbreeze—very pale gray tabby she-cat
Nettleclaw—tortoiseshell she-cat
Apprentice, Lightningpaw (white tom)
Heronflight—dark gray tabby tom with thin stripes
Pikepelt—dark tabby tom with two unusually long canine fangs
Rainflower—gray-and-white she-cat with black feet
Pinefur—brown tom
Apprentice, Pebblepaw (silver-and-black tom)
Voletooth—small black tom
Owlnose—tiny black tom with with amber eyes
Icewhisker—sand-colored she-cat with dark brown points
Hailfoot—dark gray-and-white tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Eelpaw (black tabby she-cat with a pale gray chest)
Foxnose—ginger tom with tabby points
Littletail—ginger tabby she-cat with a white splash on her chest
Queens: Mistcloud—spiky-furred, pale gray-and-white she-cat (mother to Voletooth's kit, Jaykit, a dark gray tabby tom with white splashes)
Elders: Redflower—pale ginger tabby she-cat, formerly medicine cat


Leader: Swiftstar—black-and-brown tabby she-cat
Deputy: Brambleclaw—dark brown tabby she-cat with golden eyes
Medicine Cat(s): Dusksong—pale orange-and-white she-cat
Warriors: Dustnose—dark gray-brown tabby tom
Eagleflight—pale creamy-brown tom
Cherrywhisker—ginger-and-white tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Wasppaw (ginger tabby tom)
Whimbrelface—cream tabby tom with dark ginger stripes
Jaystep—silver-and-gray she-cat
Shrewnose—ginger-and-white tabby tom
Cloudheart—white she-cat
Apprentice, Fernpaw (brown tabby she-cat with white paws)
Specklepelt—golden tabby she-cat with darker flecks
Fallowtail—pale brown tabby she-cat
Acornfur—dark brown she-cat
Queens: BrambleclawSee Deputy (mother to Beekit, a pale ginger tom with dark ginger tabby stripes, Hollykit, a white she-kit, Windkit, a pale gray-brown tom)
Elders: N/A


Leader: Morningstar—tortoiseshell-and-silver she-cat
Deputy: Snakefang—dark brown tabby tom
Medicine Cat(s): Swiftstream—long-haired black-and-white tom
Apprentice, Squirrelpaw (tiny golden tabby she-cat)
Warriors: Leaftail—tabby-and-white tom
Ivywhisker—silver, black, and white tabby she-cat
Antclaw—very pale brown tabby tom
Birchfire—brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Brightheart—ginger-and-white she-cat
Stormshade—dark brown tabby tom
Whitestorm—silver-and-white tabby she-cat
Lichenfeather—silver, brown, and tortoiseshell she-cat with dark tabby stripes
Queens: Mossfire—ginger, tortoiseshell, and white she-cat (mother to Birchfire's kits, Ploverkit, a ginger tabby tom with white legs, Reedkit, a pale gray tabby she-kit with a reed-like tail, Sedgekit, a brown tabby tom)
Mudflower—brown she-cat with tabby points (mother to Leaftail's kits, Rainkit, a light gray-brown tom with darker flecks, Minkkit, a dark brown she-kit)
Elders: Shadefur—black tom
Brackenpelt—brown tabby tom


Leader: Mothstar—white she-cat with green eyes
Deputy: Harefoot—ginger tabby tom
Medicine Cat(s): Mintflower—gray-and-white she-cat
Warriors: Palefang—tan she-cat with dark brown points
Flyshade—black tabby she-cat
Talltail—tabby-and-white tom
Apprentice, Hazelpaw (smoky gray tabby she-cat)
Heathernose—brown-and-white tabby she-cat
Rabbitleap—brown tabby tom
Apprentice, Hickorypaw (brown tabby tom)
Lilywhisker—tortoiseshell she-cat
Larksplash—brown tabby she-cat with one white leg
Spiritwhisper—white she-cat with a black tail
Queens: Wolfwhisper—gray tabby she-cat (mother to Weaselkit, a golden-brown spotted tabby tom, Goldenkit, a golden tabby she-kit, Shrewkit, a chestnut-brown tabby she-kit)
Elders: N/A

Cats Outside the Clans[]

Gertrude—brown tabby kittypet
Low Tide—cream-and-tortoiseshell she-cat