Kinda. I've had exams this week, so been busy-ish. Anyhow, I had a friend of mine help me with these, but I also want to use them over on WFA. If you're okay with that, then you can use them here. But I'll be putting them on WFA too. {{SUBST:User:Spookycat27/Sig|21:09, 12/14/2016}}

Right so uh, look.., I don't have time to put any more blanks up for approval, nor the time to dedicate to tweaking them. This is mainly because I've already been slacking on WWiki due to other wikis' commitments, which I am trying to cut back on.

These blanks are scheduled to go on WFA approval in January, so you can use them now, but I'm not tweaking them in here until then, nor later, either. Only the future, and only for WFA. I might consider otherwise if this wiki gets more developed, however, I don't see many active editors around to form a project... {{SUBST:User:Spookycat27/Sig|03:25, 12/15/2016}}